Learn The Basics of Web Design SEO and Services

As website designers it is vital to keep in mind that both the looks and the functionality of a website are equally important. The design should allure the customer and attract it to stay as long as possible and even buy something from the website. However, you will need to create websites which are friendly towards the search engines. This will give a better visibility to the website. There are some major points that will enhance the web design serviceswhich you offer to your clients. You will have to include them in all the sites that you build.

Web Design

1. Attractiveness

The web designer should struggle to find a unique and attractive description and title tag for the pages of the website. The first 60 characters are crucial because they represent the message that gets to the person who is doing the search. Try not to write titles longer than 67 characters because you will limit your possibilities of reaching out your future clients. Use header tags when possible and try to put an accent on the keywords that are suitable for your activity domain.

2. CSS

In terms of style sheets and navigation, it is vital to use CSS because this is the trend in any SEO friendly website. It is preferable to use CSS instead of JavaScript or Flash. The spiders and crawlers will find it easier to index a CSS navigation scheme so there is a great chance to get valuable links to your site. You will want your menu to be as visible as possible in the search engine and this is the way to do it. In the case of style sheets, they are a great aid for the loading time of the page.

3. No hidden elements

Even if in the past it was a common practice among the web design services, now it is totally not recommendable to use any kind of hidden frames, flash or text on the website. It is also really bad to use identical color in the background and text. The sites which do this will be banned or suffer penalizations. It is also not advisable to use too much flash. Even if it looks nice, the spiders will be hindered in their operation of indexing the pages. If you have any content inside the flash animation, it will be ignored. The same thing is with frames.

4. The sitemap

You will need to provide a sitemap file in the root folder. This will make the spiders find it easier. It is also a good idea to submit the HTML sitemap directly to Google.

5. Errors

The most encountered error is the 404. This means that the linking inside the website is faulty. You have to repair these things as soon as possible. Otherwise, the search engines will not be happy with tracking these faulty websites.

It is not hard to provide quality web design which complies to the rules of SEO. With the above mentioned tips anyone can be a better web designer.