Supply Chain Management Jobs You Can Apply

The supply chain management plays a major role in the movement, purchase and control of the products or services. To ensure smooth flow of goods, it is essential to have a good staff. There are many supply chain management recruitment agencies that help businesses in getting talented employees. You can also contact these companies to get your desired job in this field. There are different positions in supply chain management.

Some are given below:

  • Inventory clerk – The person who works as inventory clerk has to maintain a full record of the stored materials of the warehouse. They receive the materials and count them.They label all the stocks by the RFID tags and paper tags.
  • Production clerk – They organize the work flow so that the company perfectly sticks to the production. They develop the production schedule and share work orders to the departments. They increase the material flow by the distribution of supplies.
  • Import or export specialist – They make the process of cross-border shipments easy and also make sure that the shipments are done according to the regulations of the customers. They also track the route of the shipments. They also take care of the things like quotes, tariffs and insurances.
  • Supply chain sourcing specialist – They make the tender process efficient and easy for the organization. They advice and communicate with the high level members of the company to make the best and perfect strategies for the sourcing process. They also make the contracts that are beneficial for their company and help to gain profit.