The Different Types Of Wedding Officiants

Weddings in Colorado are a very cumbersome process as an event. No doubt they mark the start of a new life between two people, but it is the planning and execution of the event that makes things more remarkable. Now, usually, the type of procedure opted for the wedding helps in deciding the overall plan for the occasion. This is where couples consider hiring the services of wedding officiants based on Colorado at

These officiants make all the necessary arrangements based upon the mode of wedding opted for, thereby leaving you free to focus on the more important matters.

Here are some of the prominent types of wedding officiants.

Civil Wedding Officiant

These are the officiants who have a governmental role and are there in the event to legally confirm the marriage. They ensure that the marriage procedure is in compliance with the laws of the state. They are often known with the titles like the mayor, justice of the peace, notary, etc. They often oversee the weddings taking place in a government setting like courthouse weddings.

Religious Wedding Officiant

These are the people who lead a particular religious group in the concerned area. The wedding that takes place in their presence is usually centered at their place of worship. They are usually affirmed with titles like an imam, priest, pastor, or rabbi. They are even entitled to sign the marriage certificate. Now, these are some of the most common types of wedding officiants, and having them might require the couple to go through some complex set of rituals and practices, which is quite common based upon the religion.